The main stages of Web Token Profit development are shown in the roadmap.

    1. Platform concept development.
    2. Marketing research.

    3Q 2018

  • 4Q 2018

    1. Strategy preparation.
    2. Start of web platform development.
    1. Creation of the WTP tokens.
    2. Adding the ability to withdraw funds.
    3. Preparation for listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.

    1Q 2019

  • 2Q 2019

    1. 3,000,000 WTP generated.
    2. Listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.
    3. Development of the branded wallet for ERC-20: -
    4. Launch of the first investment program Future Investments with a linear marketing plan and the acceptance of WTP tokens.
    1. Launch of the MLM platform Web Token Profit with binary marketing plan, mutual settlement in which is performed using WTP tokens.
    2. Implementation of internal P2P exchange on the Web Token Profit platform.

    3Q 2019

  • 4Q 2019

    1. Cryptocurrency wallet Web Token Pay App on Android / iOS.
    2. Launch of the Golden Ratio platform with Spiral Marketing Plan.
    3. Launch of the WTP Miner for Android.
    4. Launch of the Telegram P2P exchange service.
    1. Development of the WTP Miner app for iOS.
    2. Launch of the online casino.
    3. Launch of the Coin Galaxy cryptocurrency exchange.

    1Q 2020

  • 2Q 2020

    1. Launch of the Telegram surfing, a WTP token generation system performing simple tasks.
    2. Implementation of the SIP-GooD Strategy.
    1. Gambling section extension.
    2. Launch of the new gaming applications.
    3. Launch of the SIP-GooD platform.
    4. Integration of Golden Ratio platform with Web Token Profit.
    5. Test mode of the Puzzl online store on the Web Token Profit platform.
    6. Development of payment system concepts.

    3Q 2020

  • 4Q 2020

    1. Launch of the Demo platform Puzzl.
    1. Investment Package Update: Optima, Basic, Avangard, Luxe.

    1Q 2021

  • 2Q 2021

    1. Issue of the WTP debit cards.
    1. Launch of the atomic swap system with the Bitcoin blockchain.

    3Q 2021

  • 4Q 2021

    1. Launch of the Money Box platform

The roadmap will be updated in 2020
and the company's development strategy for 2020 and 2021 will be presented.

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