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After completing the successful sale of WTP tokens at the ICO, collecting the necessary amount of funds for the further development of the Web Token Profit platform, listing WTP tokens on exchanges and their successful growth, it was decided to open investment packages.

Now investment packages use the WEC cryptocurrency on their own blockchain instead of WTP tokens

Description of
investment packages

* Deposits included!

  • The deposit amount in each investment package is fixed and is determined by the limits of the package range.

  • It is prohibited to have two investment packages of the same size at the same time.

  • It is prohibited to open an investment package smaller than a package that is already opened

  • Packages are operating on the accumulation principle. After making the missing amount, you can switch to a new higher-level package. For example, the current investor's package is equal to$ 500, and after entering the missing$ 500 into the system, it moves to a new higher package of $1000.

  • All additional income earned as part of the referral program and leadership bonuses are credited to the balance. The investor can withdraw the amounts on the balance at his own discretion from the program, having previously exchanged internal dollars for WEC coins, or accumulate them for switching to a new package. After accumulating the necessary amount to switch to a new package, the investor can buy a higher-level package.

  • Packages are purchased in WEC. Accruals for investment packages are made in US dollars.

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