The new investment project the Coin Galaxy cryptocurrency exchange will be open soon.

2019-10-30 14:30:12

We are inviting you to become an investor in the new project!

Our team works on startups and introduces new technologies in the Web Token Profit community. The Coin Galaxy cryptocurrency exchange will be open soon.

We are inviting the investors to participate in the new investment project Coin Galaxy.

The owners of the exchange will receive the monthly dividends in a proportion of the number of tokens. 50% of the profits will be distributed on dividends, and  25% of the income - will be used to buy back tokens from the exchange with their subsequent burning. Also, tokens exchanges will use on payment for the listing of the new coin. 

The Web Token Profit companies already have the valid product cryptocurrency Web Token Pay, which is a universal payment unit.

The Web Token Pay recognized and implemented on the external cryptocurrency exchanges,

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