The ICO of Mycryptocard project has been started!

2020-02-14 21:18:42

  The ICO of Mycryptocard project has been started!  The total number of shares is 10,000. The owners of Mycryptocard share will be entitled to receive dividends in proportion to the number of shares. The profit project will consist of the implementation of the cards worth $ 120 each. 50% of profit is subject to distribution. The validity period of 3 years, after the expiry, the card must be purchased again.

  Thus, the shareholder receives permanent and unrestricted passive income!

  You have the opportunity to purchase shares of  Mycryptocard project in the ICO section in your account.

The value of one share is 25$. Use the payment system Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin for buying shares.

The shares after purchase will be credited to the Mycryptocard project site. The referral reward is 10 WTP for each partner.

Dear partners and investors, we wish you stable earnings.

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