Some rules of a successful presentation

2020-01-02 20:55:52

When you create a presentation, do you think about how to convey it to the audience and impress it?

To determine the important principles of preparation and presentation, it worth paying attention to those, whose presentation was successful and remembered for a long time.

Some rules of a successful presentation

  1.  Create a “wow” moment

For example, in 2008, Jobs pulled out a MacBook Air laptop from a paper envelope to show everyone how thin it is. All came just excited, and the photo of this “moment” created a real sensation.

  1. Follow the “rule of three”

The main  three things should your audience know is: 

  • the history of the company and conditions of a partnership

  • profit opportunities 

  • real success examples

In the written text (in the article, for example) you can discuss many topics. But during public presentations and discussions, it is better to follow the “rule of three”.

  1. Use “dancers”

Try not to come to the presentation without support. This technique works as social proof.

  1. Take feedback

Invite to ask questions, negotiate the next meeting.

  1. Sell dreams, not products.

For your work to be easy for you, you need to love it. It’s unlikely that your audience will love your products and ideas if you do not admire them yourself.

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