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2020-11-26 18:16:10

Dear community!

We remind you of important events in the Web Token Profit community.

On November 21, 2020, One year of the successful Golden Ratio came true. In honor of this, the Web Token Profit company presented the community members with Step 1;

On November 25, 2020 at 7 p.m., we will present a new CyberWec project;

On December 5, 2020 - Profitbot will go to its own website. Web Token Profit will launch PROMO: 1% deposit rate;

 In early December, we plan to launch a new Checkler project of Web Token Profit.


On November 23, 2020 at the webinar, Web Token Profit held an ACC draw.
- Evgeny Rasputin (Russia);
- Dmitry Sergeevich Kizer (Russia);
- Stoforiadi Vyacheslav (Russia) a gift from Iskander Khasanov;
- Kirill Zezegov (Russia);
- Natalia Kuznetsova (Russia);
- Altenova Rakhima (Kazakhstan)

 Please accept our sincere congratulations from the entire community!
 Have stable earnings!

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