An online trading platform at Web Token Profit ecosystem

2019-12-24 18:20:24

One of the tasks of Web Token Profit ecosystem is the organization trading platform, with own currency Web Token Pay.

Marketplace Web Token Profit is an online tool for selling real estate, cars, and equipment

The advantages of own trading platform:

  • The cryptocurrency payments are protected by a special smart contract. The contract freezes the payment until the transaction is approved by both the seller and the buyer. 

  • Currency owners get capital for investment.  The value of Web Token Pay will be increasing due to active use in settlement and limited coin release.

  • The ability to provide services, sell and buy goods with payment in internal currency

  • There is a good opportunity to start trading from a zero point or to test some new markets

Do you want to participate in the marketplace Web Token Profit ecosystem? Please contact us at the message or on the website: 



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