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How will Web Token Profit trading platform differ from other trading platforms in Internet?

Web Token Profit trading platform is a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology and works on the basis of smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain. All transactions on the platform and interactions between the parties will be regulated by smart contracts. Smart contracts protect the interests of each party of the transaction. The money for the goods is frozen on the smart contract until the seller and the transporter fulfill all their obligations under the contract, and the buyer accepts the goods. This will protect each of the parties involved as much as possible. Thanks to the blockchain technology, it became possible to pay and deliver goods around the world without borders and restrictions.

How are payments made on the Web Token Profit platform?

All payments on the Web Token Profit platform are made in WTP tokens.

Where can I buy WTP tokens?

WTP tokens can be bought on the cryptocurrency exchange. At the moment WTP tokens are traded on exchange. Web Token Profit will add exchanges listed WTP tokens. Follow our news and updates.

How to participate in investment program?

To participate in investment program, investor must buy one of the proposed investment packages. Since all payments on the Web Token Profit platform are done in WTP tokens, the purchase of investment package is made in WTP tokens. WTP tokens can be bought on the exchange.

How is the profit on investment packages, payments for referral fees, payments for participation in the binary marketing plan charged?

In spite of all payments on the platform are done in WTP tokens, charges of profits on investment packages, payments for referral rewards and payments for participation in the binary marketing plan are done in US dollars.

How does withdrawal work?

All payments on the Web Token Profit platform are done in WTP tokens. WTP tokens can be withdrawn to any wallet that supports tokens on Ethereum blockchain, to which investor has a private key. The withdrawn WTP tokens can be further exchanged on the cryptocurrency exchange for any other cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

Why are all payments on the Web Token Profit platform made in WTP tokens, and charges of profits on investment plans, payments of referral fees and payments for participation in the binary ma

This is done for the convenience of investors to ensure a stable payment of profits. It is because of possible volatility in the rate of WTP tokens while the US dollar remains stable. This guarantees the rights of investors.

What are the additional opportunities for making profit with Web Token Profit?

For additional profit, investors can participate in the referral program, in a binary marketing plan, and in a system of ranks for active promoters of the project. Web Token Profit provides a variety of opportunities to get additional income with the platform. Promote Web Token Profit and get more profit!

Are there any restrictions on the size of earnings in Web Token Profit?

Yes, there are restrictions provided by the mechanism “Factor 5”. According it, if the charges on the balance for all types of earnings exceeded 5 times the size of the purchased package, the package is canceled (burns). In order to continue to work with the Web Token Profit project and make a profit, investor must activate a new package. If a member of the program does not immediately activate a new package, the binary bonus charges stop. Investors will need to constantly monitor the size of the purchased package in order to activate the new package at a higher cost in time.

How many open packages can I have in the investment program?

The number of active packages is not limited. Investor may not simultaneously have two packages on the same amount, also he cannot buy a package for a smaller amount than the original one. Web Token Profit provides a program of accumulation and, adding the missing amount, investor can move to a higher package.

I forgot my password, how do I get into my personal account?

If you lose access to your account, you can use the password recovery function on the site. If you are unable to bring access back, you can contact our support team.

Can I open two accounts from the same IP address?

As a rule, it is not recommended to create multiple accounts from the same IP address, but if this is due to necessity (for example, users of the same computer apply for participation in the project), such actions are allowed.

What is Web Token Pay?

It is a cryptocurrency created on the Ethereum platform. A total of 21,000,000 WTP units were produced. 1 000 000 units were sold at the ICO, another 2 million will be generated by the participants, as a result of which 3 000 000 tokens will enter the market. The others 18 million units will be issued through bonus programs. In the near future, Web Token Pay will appear as a full-fledged payment system.

What is the value of Web Token Pay as a financial asset?

Limited issue and no issue from the outside provides for the growth of the cost of Web Token Pay in proportion to the development of the platform, expressed in a constant increase in the number of users of tokens.

In what currency can I open a deposit?

All financial transactions in our community are performed exclusively in Web Token Pay (WTP) tokens. The purchase of tokens is carried out directly on the site. To do this, you need to deposit your account through the payment system Payeer, Perfect Money or FreeKassa. Through FreeKassa it is possible to deposit from the Sberbank card, QIWI wallet and AdvCash.

How to deposit?

Go to the "Finance" tab of your personal account. Select your payment system in the "Method" field. Enter a captcha. Confirm the action, and then you will be taken to the site of the selected payment system. Further, you need to confirm the payment. If the transaction is successful, you will notice that your exchange account has a deposit amount.

How long does it take to transfer money?

Crediting to your account occurs instantly, immediately after the completion of the transfer of funds from the payment system to your balance.

How to buy Web Token Pay?

Click on the "Exchange" tab. You will be taken to the internal exchange, where you can immediately find out the cost of buying/selling the token. In the "buy" field, specify the desired amount of WTP to purchase. If you specify a price other than the one offered on the exchange, your order will be published as a purchase order. In case of purchase at the offered price, you will immediately receive an internal currency transfer to your Web Token Pay balance.

How to purchase an investment package?

Go to the "Invest" tab. Select the package you are interested in, after reviewing its conditions (number of days of work, daily percentage, daily earnings, cost in WTP and USD), click "Buy". Then, on the main page of your personal account, you will be able to see that your investment package is activated. You can also track its status and closing date here.

Where are my funds stored in the system?

All deposit savings, affiliate and binary bonuses are credited to the savings account in dollars. In turn, the money that can be exchanged and withdrawn are stored on the exchange account.

How to sell WTP?

To sell WTP and withdraw money from the system, you need to convert your existing dollars from the savings account to WTP at the current exchange rate. Then, in the "Exchange" tab, in the appropriate fields, specify the amount of WTP for sales, your price, confirm the action, and your order will be displayed below the field for selling WTP. Now you just need to wait until there is a buyer ready to buy your Web Token Pay for the price you offered. If you do not have time or desire to wait, you can cancel your order by clicking on the button "Open". Your tokens will be returned to your personal account in the system. Now you have to agree to the offered price (listed below the fields to buy WTP). Click on the proposed order, enter the amount of WTP to sell and confirm the action. The amount for which you sold your Web Token Pay will appear on the exchange account.

How to withdraw money from the system to my e-wallet?

Make sure that there is an amount on your exchange account that you intend to withdraw to your e-wallet. Also make sure that you have entered your details here: "Settings" → "Payment System Settings". Then go to the "Finance" tab, click on the button “Output”. Specify the amount to be withdrawn and the payment system to which you want to receive funds, enter the captcha, confirm the action. Your request will be sent to the administration and processed manually to ensure maximum financial security. So, the waiting time will be from a few minutes to 24 hours.

How to withdraw money from the system to my Web Token Pay wallet?

Go to "Settings" → "Payment system Settings", and in the Ether API WTP field, specify the number of your Web Token Pay wallet. Then, follow the action algorithm described above.

Where can I check the status of my application?

On the "Account" page there is a block "list of operations", in which you can find all your requests for exchange and withdrawal of funds. At the top of the list will be your most recent transaction. Look at the data in the "Confirmed" column. If there is a value of "Yes", then the application is executed, if "no" - it is still under consideration

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?

To withdraw money from the project, it is enough to accumulate an amount equivalent to 1 US dollar in your account.

What is your binary marketing plan look like?

Our multi-level network marketing is based on a binary marketing plan with its own unique features. This is the main factor of stable growth of the community in a short time, also ensuring the launch and operation of the trading platform.

What types of income are provided in the binary marketing plan?

There are 4 types of rewards: passive income, binary, career and affiliate. Passive income can be obtained through 12 fixed packages, with a Deposit of $25 to $100,000, with different terms of work and different interest rates. However, more generous is binary income, which allows you to get 15% (!) from the entire trade turnover with a smaller branch ("legs").

How often is the recalculation of turnover and percentage of binary commissions?

1 time per day.

What are the advantages of career growth?

Achieving each new rank on the Web Token Profit platform allows you to get generous gifts from the company and increase the daily binary income (initially there are restrictions on it).

What kind of gifts are we talking about?

The most active participants of the community, who have reached the highest ranks in the system, get the largest financial rewards, free travel, cars and even villas.

How much can I earn on the affiliate program?

Attracting new participants brings you a fixed percentage of profit of 7% of any investment of each invited person.

Are there any restrictions on the amount of total profit?

We have a mechanism "Factor X5", which does not allow a 5-fold excess of total income in relation to the investments of the participant. As soon as the amount of profit reaches the specified limit, the package is canceled (of course, with the preservation of earned interest). "Factor X5" ensures the stability and sustainability of our marketing plan by stimulating the growth of networks and systematic activity of each participant.

Can I reinvest?

Reinvestment is the only way to increase the size of the deposit without additional investments. We recommend that at least part of the profit be re-invested in the project, which will ensure an accelerated turnover of investments in the system and a dynamic growth of their profitability.

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