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Where can I buy WEC coins?

You can buy WEC coins on the cryptocurrency exchange. At the moment WEC tokens are sold on the exchange Web Token Profit will add exchanges that work with WEC coins. Follow our news and updates.

How are income accruals made for investment packages, payments for referral rewards, and payments for taking part in a binary marketing plan?

Inspite of the fact that all payments on the platform are made in WEC coins, profit accruals for investment packages, accruals for referral rewards and accruals for participation in a binary marketing plan are made in US dollars.

What are the additional earning possibilities with Web Token Profit?

In order to get additional income, investors can take part in the referral program provided in the binary marketing plan. Besides, the company has a ranking system for active project partners. Web Token Profit provides everyone on equal terms with various opportunities to get additional income from cooperation with the company.

How can I be a participant of the Web Token Profit community?

In order to take advantage of all the earning opportunities in our community, you need to register and get access to your personal account. After that, you should make a account refill with WEC coins and choose one of the investment packages.

I want to change my password and/or email address. Can I do this?

In your personal account, you can modify your account, including changing your password and email address.

What is the Puzzle platform?

Each of the participants of our Puzzle trading platform will have the opportunity to buy, sell or exchange any virtual or physical product by interacting with other participants. Since the only available currency on our trading platform is WEC coins, users will not have any problems with currency translation and exchange. The Puzzle system opens up huge business opportunities. When you buy cheap products, you can immediately resell them at a better price.

What is the best way for me to earn money?

Which of the investment packages to purchase, where to invest and in what amount? These issues are all decided by all community members independently, depending on their goals, preferences and financial capabilities.

I forgot my password, how do I get into my personal account?

If you lose access to your account, you can use the password recovery function on the site. If you can't recover access, you can contact our support service.

Can I open two accounts from the same IP address?

As a rule it is not recommended to create multiple accounts from the same IP address, but if this is necessary (for example, users of the same computer are applying for participation in the project), such actions are allowed.

What is Web Coin Pay?

This is a cryptocurrency created on the WEC blockchain. There are 21,000,000 WEC units under the contract, which are obtained daily through physical mining. In the near future, Web Coin Pay will be as a full-fledged payment system.

What is the value of Web Coin Pay as a financial asset?

Limited issue and no issue from the outside provides for an increase in the cost of Web Coin Pay in proportion to the development of the platform, expressed in a constant increase in the number of users of coins.

What currency can I make a deposit?

All financial transactions in our community are performed exclusively in Web Coin Pay (WEC) coins. The purchase of coins is carried out directly on the exchange

How can I refill my account?

Go to the "Finance" tab of your personal account and in the "Refill" section you will see the WEC address of your account. Copy it and transfer any number of WEC coins to the specified address. If the transaction is successful, you will notice that the deposit amount has appeared on your balance.

How long does it take to transfer funds?

The time limit for crediting funds to the account is 24 hours.

How can I buy Web Coin Pay?

WEC coins can be bought on the exchange All necessary instructions for working with the exchange can be found on the channel

How can I purchase an investment package?

Go to the "Invest" tab. Select the package you are interested in, having previously read its terms (number of days of work, daily percentage, daily earnings, cost in WEC and USD), click "Buy". Then, on the main page of your personal account, you can see that your investment package is activated. You can also track its status and closing date here.

Where are my funds stored in the system?

All profit accumulation, partner and binary bonuses are credited to the savings account in dollars, which you convert into WEC coins.

How can I sell WEC?

You can sell WEC coins on the exchange

How can I withdraw funds from the system to my WEC wallet?

Go to "Settings" → "Payment system Settings", and enter your Web Coin Pay wallet number in the webcoinapiWEC field. Then go to the "Finance" tab and click the "Withdraw" button. Enter the withdrawal amount, enter the captcha, and confirm the action. Your request will be sent to the administration and processed manually to ensure maximum financial security. So, the waiting time will be from a few minutes to 24 hours.

Where can I check the status of my request?

You can check the withdrawal request in the "Finance "section of the "withdrawal" subsection at the bottom of the page. Your most recent transaction will be at the top of the list. Look at the data in the "Confirmed" column. If the value "Yes" is specified there, then the application is executed, if "no" — it is still under consideration.

What is the minimal sum I can withdraw?

To withdraw funds from the project, it is enough to accumulate 1 WEC on your account.

What is your binary marketing plan?

Our multi-level network marketing is based on a binary marketing plan with its own unique features. This is the main factor of stable growth of the community in a short time, also ensuring the launch and operation of the trading platform.

What types of revenue are provided in the binary marketing plan?

There are 4 types of rewards: passive income, binary, career and partner. Passive income can be obtained from 12 fixed packages with a deposit of $25 to $100,000, with different terms of operation and different interest rates. However, the more generous is binary income, which allows you to get 10% of the total trade turnover from a smaller branch ("leg").

How often is the turnover and the percentage of binary commissions recalculated?

Once a day.

What are the advantages of career growth?

Achieving each new rank on the Web Token Profit platform allows you to receive generous gifts from the company and increase the daily binary income (initially, it has restrictions).

What kind of gifts are we talking about?

The most active members of the community who have reached the highest ranks in the system receive the largest financial rewards, free travel, cars and even villas.

How much can I earn from the affiliate program?

Attracting new members brings you a fixed percentage of profit in the amount of 7% of any investment of each invited person.

Are there any restrictions on the amount of total income?

We have a mechanism "Factor X5", which does not allow a 5-fold excess of the total income in relation to the participant's investments. As soon as the amount of profit reaches the specified limit, the package is canceled (of course, with the retention of earned interest). Factor X5 ensures the stability and stability of our marketing plan by stimulating the growth of networks and systematic activity of each participant.

Can I reinvest my funds?

Reinvestment is the only way to increase the deposit size without additional investments. We recommend that you re-invest at least part of your income in the project, which will ensure an accelerated turnover of capital investments in the system and a dynamic increase in their profitability.

What is the best way for me to make money?

Which of the investment packages to purchase, where to invest and in what amount? These issues are all decided by all community participants independently, depending on their goals, preferences and financial capabilities.

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