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According to the latest study of Technology Vision 2019, distributed ledger technology serves as catalysts for change, offering incredible new opportunities and allowing the businesses to transform the entire industries.

Blockchain gives people new opportunities that cannot provide other technologies. According to the study of Technology Vision 2019, online trading is at the peak of popularity and demand.

This study confirms the financial declarations of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA), a company in the field of online trading, which income from year to year only grows. But now the buyer has to the seller an increased requirements. Before buying a product the buyer wants to see it in reality, to clarify its size, measure it. Also, buyers want the product to be specially made for their size. We need an individual approach to each person. The delivery of goods is also important. The buyer wants to track every delivery point.

Web Token Profit has carefully studied all the existing technologies in the world and its experts have come to the conclusion that the blockchain technology satisfies the conditions of the current time most of all. Thanks to smart contracts it became possible to control all stages of production, sale and delivery of goods. With the escrow mechanism specified in smart contracts on the blockchain, you can protect the rights of all participants of transaction. Due to the conditions prescribed in the smart contract, the money is frozen until each party fulfills its obligations, and the other party confirms their fulfillment. At the same time, thanks to the blockchain system, it is possible to track the actions of each party and monitor all stages of the transaction.

With the help of blockchain technology, online trading has become absolutely safe, understandable and transparent for all its participants.

The presence of an internal WTP token on Web Token Profit platform will allow to make instant payments around the world, regardless of the country of residence of the transaction participants, legislation and the presence of international sanctions. Now the goods can be delivered and bought all over the world.

History of creation

  • The idea creating a platform appeared in the 1-3 quarter of 2018.

    All started with studying the needs of users in a trading platform. The existing trading platforms were carefully studied, both plus and minus of their work were analyzed. The complaints of buyers were carefully analyzed and a list of them was done. All existing technologies and their capabilities were studied. As a result of this work, it was decided that a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology is the most suitable one to solve all existing problems in the field of online trading.

    3Q 2018

  • 4Q 2018

    Leading developers in the field of blockchain with the extensive experience and successful projects were involved in solving the problem.

    Work began on the creation of platform. The main stages of the project development were determined. The ecosystem of the platform was developed and future stages of its development were planned. Defined the plans, the company's experts made a financial calculation of the necessary costs for the creation of the platform and development of its ecosystem. After which it was decided to hold an ICO to attract the necessary amount of funds for the further development of the project.

  • 3 000 000 WTP was generated to launch ICO.

    All issued WTP were sold during ICO, which occurred in the 1st quarter of 2019. Thus, all funds necessary for the initial creation of the platform were collected. After end of ICO WTP tokens started to list on exchange. Now WTP tokens can be bought on Livecoin.net exchange in pair with Bitcoin, USD, ETH.

    1Q 2019

  • 2Q 2019

    After the end of ICO WTP tokens started to list on exchange. Now WTP tokens can be bought on Livecoin.net exchange in pair with Bitcoin, USD, ETH.

    After the listing of WTP tokens and their successful growth, it was decided to start an investment program and 12 investment packages for investors were created. Investment packages are created in US dollars and have a fixed deposit size, as well as a fixed payment of profit. Income on investment packages is paid due to the growth of the WTP rate on the exchanges, profits from the platform and trading on the cryptocurrency market.

Future plans for
the platform

Total issued 21 000 000 WTP. 3 000 000 WTP are in the free market circulation. The remaining 18 000 000 WTP are in the reserve and used for payment of referral fees and payments for binary marketing. Further issue of tokens is not provided.

Contract 0x1680cfdad75da2bb56ded4f36bb9423c86ffa7b7

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