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The Web Token Profit ecosystem unites people from all over the world, allowing them to receive passive income through several marketing and investment programs, to purchase goods, real estate and cars on the trading platform at the most favorable prices. The Web Coin Pay (WEC) coins used in the ecosystem are our internal currency that shows strong growth in value and experts consider WEC to be one of the most promising digital financial resource for long-term investment.

The most important development in the Web Token Profit ecosystem is a trading platform where profitable purchase and sale of various goods and services for the internal currency is carried out. So, users from different countries of the world use a single platform and a single currency, which opens up fundamentally new opportunities for them. Application Web Coin Pay in all community projects makes this currency really valuable and liquid asset.

Binary marketing plan is a unique offer from the Web Token Profit community, which provides for receiving generous gifts when reaching each new rank. Along with network marketing, this program allows you to attract a large number of users of WEC coin, who later become permanent members of the community and active participants on the trading platform.

The Golden section system is of particular importance for the development of the community, which uses a fundamentally new network marketing algorithm based on Fibonacci numbers. The use of a well-known mathematical sequence in marketing has led to the fact that now each participant gets the opportunity to increase the size of investments by almost 40,000%! And if you consider that the coin is constantly growing in price, the growth of capital happens in geometric progression


The existence of an internal WEC coin on the Web Token Profit platform will allow you to make instant payments around the world, without depending on the country of residence of the transaction participants, legislation and the presence of international sanctions. Now products can be delivered and purchased all over the world.

History of creation

  • The idea creating a platform appeared in the 1-3 quarter of 2018.

    All began with studying the necessities of users in the trading platform. The existing trading platforms, technologies and their capabilities were carefully studied, and the pros and cons of their operation were analyzed. Customer complaints were carefully considered and a list of them was compiled. As a result of this work, it was decided that a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology is the most suitable to solve all existing problems in the field of online trading

    3Q 2018

  • 4Q 2018

    Leading blockchain developers with extensive experience and successful projects were involved in solving the problem.

    Creating an idea, creating a concept and a business plan for the project. Analysis of the most popular trading platforms has shown that the only correct solution is to create a decentralized platform based on blockchain technologies. All efforts were made to implement this concept, as a result of which we were able to create a new Web Token Pay (WTP) .

  • 3 000 000 WTP was generated to launch ICO.

    Software development and testing with minimal functionality, beta testing and software modification . At this stage, leading programmers were involved in creating the ecosystem. They did a lot of work to realise our ideas and create unique algorithms for fast and smooth operation of the trading platform

    1Q 2019

  • 2Q 2019

    After the end of the ICO, WTP tokens come on the exchange.

    Launching a token on the cryptocurrency market, identifying and analyzing competing offers, conducting an ICO to attract additional investments for the development of the ecosystem. Marketing programs are formed, and the initial user base is created. Investment packages have been launched and are working successfully future-investments.biz, project webtokenprofit.com.

  • Testing of ready-made programs and development of the trading platform is carrying on

    Ready projects are working, and the community is actively developing. Preparations are underway to launch the “Golden Ratio” matrix with spiral marketing, and the trading platform is being finalized. There is a growth of project participants attracted by the opportunity to purchase a promising cryptocurrency at the initial stage of its origin, as well as to make a profit by investing in existing community projects. Developed and launched in the Play Market android application-WTP-wallet. We are working on creating and launching our own cryptocurrency exchange coin-galaxy.com any member of the community can become a shareholder. Information Telegram bots, exchange bots, and technical support bots are being actively created.

    3Q 2019

  • 4Q 2019

    Launch of the Golden Ration spiral marketing project.

    A unique matrix with spiral marketing "Golden ratio" was launched. Preparations have been made for the launch of the Telegram bot Your Profit bot and the WTP token Parking project is being launched on the site wtp-mining.com

  • Launching the Telegram bot Your Profit bot and preparing for the transition to your own blockchain and WEC cryptocurrency.

    There is an active modernization of the functional cabinets of all existing community projects. Telegram bot your Profit bot is launched. The WTP token is traded on six cryptocurrency exchanges. Preparations are underway to launch the Mycryptocard payment system from the Web Token Profit community, which can be owned by any member of our community. The WEC blockchain (Web Coin Pay) has been created, which is why the community is exchanging WTP tokens for WEC coins, as well as completely modernizing existing projects to work with coin. The company's Administration was created.

    1Q 2020

  • 2Q 2020

    Crypto Accelerator is an unique product for mining cryptocurrency WEC has been launched

    With the launch of the new crypto Accelerator product, all members of the community have additional opportunities for mining the WEC cryptocurrency and obtaining another profitable source of income.

Future plans for
platform development

However, the above-mentioned projects, along with the possession of permanently expensive WEC coins, are not all income — generating opportunities in our global community. Among them: participation in the partner program, the ability to claim valuable career bonuses, the introduction of social programs "Affordable housing", "Auto program", opening a Puzzle-market store, etc.

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